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Course: Master Functional Consulting

Requirements analysis for a successful project delivery using Dynamics 365 or the Power Platform

How to become a highly valued and sought after consultant and implement Power Platform or Dynamics 365 solutions that meet stakeholders' expectations and make users happy, without blowing up your budget and over-engineering your solution.

Course Summary

If you are a Functional Consultant, Developer, Solution Architect, or Project Manager working on D365 or Power Platform Projects, you will have to have the skillset to help a customer look at their needs and truly understand them. You will then have to be able to translate those key requirements into solutions to solve their problems.

In this course you will get access to my knowledge and experience that I gained implementing D365 projects in many different industries and countries over the past 15 years.  I will walk you through my process and teach you my analysis techniques to boost your functional skills.

I will share my secret sauce to get everyone on your project to a shared understanding of requirements and vision which is key for you to do an outstanding job and ensure the project is set up for success from the start.

Avoid train wrecks

A failed project can often be traced back directly to a lack of shared understanding of the requirements and needs of the customer. Avoid train wrecks and set yourself up for success from the outset.

Increase your value, up your pay

A consultant that has the toolset to guide a customer to look at their needs and truly understand them, then can translate these for project implementation is worth his/her wait in gold. The higher your value, the higher your rate!

No strife, Happy life 

Significantly reduce the stress that comes with conflict situations and misunderstood requirements, focus on what you love and enjoy being a part of an amazing smooth running project. 

 "Great course to pick up details in an organized way, from a very experienced professional! 10/10!

Juan Simon
Dynamics 365 CE Functional Consultant - XRM Vision

Course Curriculum

 "I've been a Dynamics analyst and architect since 2006 and I learned HEAPS on Dani's Functional Consulting course. I loved how he structured the course to help us clearly capture and organise our requirements, the Azure DevOps techniques and all the templates and resources.

Neil Benson
Solution Architect, Delivery lead and founder of Customery

Course Pricing

This course is currently not open for new enrollment.

 "The course was great and  I enjoyed listening to your approach on how to manage requirements for Dynamics 365 and Power Platform projects.

Chadi Tannous
Associate Director, Tech Implementation - KPMG Australia

 " "Really enjoying this course and the concepts presented. Some really valuable take aways. When prototyping, I like to take it one step further and get the users to get hands on with the prototype rather than just demonstrating it to them. They give different insights and feedback when they use it 😀. Thanks for putting this together. Great to see training content on how to work as a consultant with a team vs the usual technical stuff that is out there."

Hamish Shield
Consultant / Director - AppRising