Expression of Interest
2021 Peer Group on Analyzing Requirements
& Solution Envisioning 

Peer Group Summary

The Purpose of the "Peer Group" is to help you

  • Have a clear process to analyze your client requirements
  • Drive and foster a shared understanding of requirements
  • Have a crystal-clear vision for the platform your are implementing

Peer Group format

  • On demand content to learn on your own. 
  • A live workshops of 55 minutes where we will practice techniques and discuss the presented content


  • You must be willing to commit about 1hr a week for the duration of the peer group which takes 3 weeks to complete. 
  • Fill a feedback questionnaire at the end of the Peer Group.

Years of experience in Dynamics 365 or The Power Platform

Your number 1 question about "Analyzing Requirements" or "Solution Envisioning" *